Kenny KO was a YouTube fitness commentator whose channel was a cesspool of baseless accusations, irresponsible advice, and unoriginal content. His claim to fame is getting exposed for doctoring his pictures in Photoshop, the very activity for which he was critical of others.

In this video, I explain what befell his channel and recommend a course of action for rebuilding his brand and repairing his reputation. Alas, he'll probably create a new channel and revert to producing the content that got his original one shut down in the first place.



Anybody who was even remotely critical of me while reporting my channel shutdown in 2014 got dislike bombed on YouTube. My misfortune also made the front page of Reddit even though my channel had under 40,000 subscribers at the time. Kenny's channel, which had over 200,000 subscribers, isn't even mentioned on Reddit, and my video about him has a 98% rating as of the time of this blog post. Just because your audience shares a disdain for others doesn't mean it will share an appreciation for you.