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"Gym Idiots Academy" Lifting Form Check

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Harsh Criticism Without Humiliation

You might wonder whether you look as ridiculous as the ego lifters and newbies in my Gym Idiots videos. Maybe you're competing in a powerlifting meet and want to know if you will pass your federation's standards. After just one "Gym Idiots Academy" lifting form check, you'll finally know how good you are a picking things up and putting them down.


The Folly of Free Advice

You can easily get free lifting form pointers online. Where has that gotten you? You're at my store, still looking for advice. I built my brand by criticizing so-called experts demonstrating exercises on YouTube and Instagram because their free advice is worthless.

Your gains and your health are worth the money: pinch a penny, tear a ligament. With "Gym Idiots Academy," you can work with accomplished competitive lifters, not some anonymous armchair expert with a YouTube channel and a body like a melted candle.

this "coach's" next band should be gastric


How It Works

1. Record Your Lifts

Post your squat, bench, and/or deadlift footage to YouTube or a cloud service like Dropbox.

2. Link Your Coach

Your coach will ask for links to your lifting videos. If they're sufficient, then you'll receive your form critiques in 1-2 business days.

3. Make the Changes

Incorporate your coach's adjustments and suggestions. You have one follow-up e-mail to ask lingering questions.



S. Heffron

Shane Luke Heffron

I was a newbie moving baby weight when I signed up for coaching. Len fixed my awful lifting form over the course of a year and helped me win my first powerlifting meet. He was patient the entire time, and his cues were technical but easy to understand.

I. Fisker

Ittukusuk Fisker

My squat progress stalled, but I couldn't see anything wrong with my form when I recorded my sets. I signed up for Elgin's form check service to get to the bottom of things. My coach, Len, pointed out several mistakes that I completely missed and gave me cues to remember and accessory exercises to try. My squat numbers have improved, and I'm now considering a custom program due to the quality of the form check service.

T. Brown

Thomas Brown

Even though I had one more in the tank, I was still shell shocked that I could hoist the weight off the rack without the difficulty that I imagined. As always, shouts outs to @elgintensity. Your form check got me off to the right start.



Is my lifting footage going to end up on "Gym Idiots?"

No, this isn't an elaborate scheme to gather content for a gym fail montage. Any lifting video(s) you send will be for your coach's eyes only. There are so many gym idiots out there that it makes no sense for me to shit where I eat.

Can you check if my lifts meet the standards of my powerlifting federation?

Len and Tom are competitive raw powerlifters, so one of them will make sure your lifts conform to the rules of the federation of your choice. None of us follows equipped powerlifting, but those meets don't really have standards.

Can I use my pre-existing lifting footage, or do I have to record my lifts again?

If you recorded high resolution videos of your lifts from clear vantage points, then you can link your coach to them. If it looks like you recorded your lifts with a fidget spinner, then you'll have to record them again. The better the footage, the more your coach can help.

What do I tell my coach besides "my form sucks?"

You don't even have to tell your coach that; he'll be able to tell. Mention your training history, nagging injuries, whether you learned to lift from a crossfitter, and anything else that you deem relevant for the consultation.

What does the follow-up e-mail entail?

It's basically an optional compliance report. First, you send your coach videos of yourself reattempting the lifts that you submitted for critique. Then, your coach notes which of his form adjustments, if any, you neglected to make. If you don't reach out, then your coach and I will assume that you're breaking world records somewhere; in that case, please tag @elgintensity in your award ceremony video so that we can bask in your glory.