Everywhere the light touches, Simba. I have even shipped to CrossFit gyms, which suggests that free trade truly is the key to world peace.

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Once you place an order, allow 1-2 days for me to prepare your items for shipping. Your delivery time will vary by destination according to the following estimates:

  • in the continental US: 2-3 days
  • to Canada or Latin America: 5-8 days
  • to Europe: 8-10 days
  • to Asia or Australia: 12-14 days

    I make no delivery guarantees, so err on the side of caution for time-sensitive orders. Holidays and other major events in the countries of origin and destination will affect estimates. Your item didn't arrive in time for Christmas because of a snow storm? Too bad; I can't control the weather, and I sure as hell can't control the post office.

    It is probably on hold for one of two reasons: a high fraud risk alert or a product defect that makes it unfit to sell.

    • If your order got flagged as potentially fraudulent, then I need you to confirm in writing that you placed it. I will process your order only after I receive confirmation within 24 hours; otherwise, I'll cancel it.
    • If some of the items in your order have defects that slipped by QC, then I need to know whether you want a substitute item, a store credit, or a refund.

      If you're here, then you probably missed my request for more info, so look for it now, even if it means trying to remember the password for the Yahoo e-mail account that you placed your order under and haven't checked since high school.

      Please refer to the store's Refund & Return Policy. Don't panic and file a chargeback because I'll dispute it and prevail because I'll provide evidence to your bank that you never requested a refund yet received your order. At that point, you'll have to return the items for a refund anyway, which you should've done in the first place.

      No, I'm trying to run a business here, though I might make an exception if you've spent a lot of money at my store.

      Some items that are out-of-season in the northern hemisphere will be dropshipped rather than kept in inventory to conserve storage space.


      Apparel & Accessories

      1. Machine wash cold, inside-out, with similar colors.
      2. Tumble dry low or hang dry.

      I brainstorm all of my designs, many of which are inspired by my YouTube videos. I draw the simple logos and hire artists in my fan base to draw the complicated ones.

      Yes, I'll offer one-off items or revive discontinued designs upon request, but they'll be dropshipped and cost slightly more than comparable items from the current lineup because of the time required to mock up the design. Contact me, and we'll work something out.


      Strength Training & Nutrition

      If you're genuinely curious, then watch this video of my one-rep maxes that I posted years ago. You can safely assume that I can lift these weights for reps now. If you ask that question to be condescending, then you most likely lift less than I do and/or lift with bad form. Either way, the weakling doth project too much, methinks.

      Most free training programs are adequate for beginners. Google one, follow it, don't eat like a bird, and you'll make gains. If you're prepping for a meet, have injuries and/or other issues, or don't feel like creating your own program, then consider a custom strength program or one-on-one coaching plan. I've hired two coaches to take the guesswork out of building muscle and getting stronger.

      Sometimes. Between my day job and my hundreds of thousands of followers, I can't handle all of my coaching clients by myself. Rather than pass my clients off to my secretary without telling them like a Shredz spokesperson, I formed a team of accomplished lifters who will help with my workload.

      You can get my favorite supplements at a discount by buying them in bulk from my sponsor, Bulk Supplements. Save 12% with my code ELGINTENSITY. If that code doesn't work, then click my affiliate link, which will automatically apply my discount but take you to the main page instead of a specific product page.


      • 1 vitamin D3 capsule - improves mood and health of bones and immune system
      • 1 scoop of whey protein - protein when solid food isn't available
      • 1 heaping teaspoon (~5g) of creatine monohydrate - increases energy during workouts


      HOMEMADE PRE-WORKOUT (consumed with water or, if the ingredients are too bitter, a sweet drink ~30 min. before training)

      • 200mg of caffeine - stimulant, dosed under the assumption that you consume caffeinated drinks during the day
      • 200mg of L-theanine - dulls the jittery feeling of caffeine
      • 8g of citrulline malate - improves pumps and reduces fatigue and next-day soreness



      • Crossfitters (duh)
      • CT Fletcher
      • Demi Lovato
      • Durianrider
      • Freelee the Banana Girl
      • National Pro GRID League competitors
      • Jamie Lewis at Chaos & Pain
      • Jason Bloho (I even took his web domains, which now lead to my YouTube channel)
      • Jeff Seid
      • Kali Muscle
      • Laurel Hubbard
      • Lizzo
      • Mark Bell
      • Mike Chang/Six Pack Shortcuts
      • Mike O'Hearn
      • Mike Rashid
      • Rich Piana
      • Tess Holliday
      • Tyrone the Fitness Addict
      • V Shred
      • Vince Garza

      Yes, I've been one since 2009. No, I'm not telling you where, and no, you'll never find out. Many have tried to "cancel" me, only to realize the folly of reporting a lawyer for being verbally aggressive.

      • High school: Servite (2002)
      • University: New York University (2006, BA in Economics and Philosophy)
      • Law School: American University (2009, JD)


      On a side note, some of my detractors have tried to belittle my intelligence and work ethic by claiming that I went to a low tier law school. If they bothered to do any research, they'd know that American's law school was 1st tier while I was a student there from 2006 to 2009. Its drop in ranking since I graduated doesn't pertain to me just like the Chicago Bulls' drop in ranking since Michael Jordan retired doesn't pertain to him. Don't make stuff up just because you're mad.

      I prefer that you buy apparel, watch my videos with ad-blocking software disabled, and/or sign up for coaching rather than make a monetary contribution. You can also buy my favorite products through the affiliate links on my Favorites page. If you feel magnanimous anyway, then you can contribute via the following accounts: