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Store Policies

  1. Where do you ship?
  2. How much does it cost to ship to my country?
  3. What shipping services do you use?
  4. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
  5. How do I get a refund or arrange a return?


Products & Services

  1. How do I wash and dry my new garment?
  2. Why are some items shipped by a 3rd party?
  3. Do you handle your own coaching clients?


Ask Elgintensity

  1. What strength program do you recommend to beginners?
  2. What's in your gym bag?
  3. What supplements do you take?
  4. Whom have you roasted so far?
  5. What's in your gaming rig?
  6. Are you really a lawyer?
  7. What do you use to run your store?
  8. Where did you go to school, and what did you study?
  9. Do you even lift?


Where do you ship?

Everywhere the light touches, Simba. I have even shipped to CrossFit gyms, which suggests that free trade truly is the key to world peace.


How much does it cost to ship to my country?
I'd tell you, but shipping costs change almost every year, so it makes more sense to show you. Add your item(s) to your cart, input your shipping information, then click through until the shipping cost appears.



What shipping services do you use?
USPS First Class for light orders and Priority for heavy ones



How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Once you place an order, allow 1-2 days for me to prepare your items for shipping. Dropshipped items (e.g., mugs) take 2-5 business days to process. Your delivery time will vary by destination according to the following estimates:

  • in the continental US: 2-3 days
  • to Canada or Latin America: 5-8 days
  • to Europe: 8-10 days
  • to Asia or Australia: 12-14 days
    I make no delivery guarantees, so err on the side of caution for time-sensitive orders. Holidays and other major events in the countries of origin and destination will affect estimates. Your item didn't arrive in time for Christmas because of a snow storm? Too bad; I can't control the weather, and I sure as hell can't control the post office.



    How do I get a refund or arrange a return?
    Please refer to the store's Refund & Return Policy.



    How do I wash and dry my new garment?

    Doing laundry all by yourself is a daunting task, especially when you're learning to do it at such an advanced age, but I believe in you.

    • Machine wash cold, inside-out, gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colors. Use non-chlorine bleach, only when necessary. No fabric softeners.
    • Tumble dry low or hang-dry for longest life.
    • Cool iron inside-out if necessary. Do not iron decoration.
    • Do not dry clean.



    Why are some items shipped by a 3rd party?
    I rely on a 3rd party to dropship certain products that I don't want in inventory because they're fragile (e.g, coffee mugs), not market tested, and/or intended for limited release.



    Do you handle your own coaching clients?

    Sometimes. With my hundreds of thousands of followers, I receive too many coaching clients to handle them all by myself. Rather than pass my clients off to my secretary without telling them like a Shredz spokesperson, I formed a team of accomplished lifters who will help with my workload.



    What strength program do you recommend to beginners?
    Most free training programs are adequate for beginners. Google one, follow it, don't eat like a bird, and you'll make gains. 

    If you're prepping for a meet, have injuries and/or other issues, or don't feel like creating your own program, then consider a custom strength program or 1-on-1 coaching plan. I've hired two coaches to take the guesswork out of building muscle and getting stronger.



    What's in your gym bag?

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        What supplements do you take?

        I take the following supplements every day (use code ELGIN20 for 20% off):

          If you want a boost of energy in the gym, then I recommend making your own pre-workout supplement to save money and avoid filler. Take your daily creatine dose with the following supplements about 30 minutes before you head to the gym:

            Anything else in a pre-workout is either useless at improving weight lifting performance or too potent to be legal for long.

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            Whom have you roasted so far?

            • Crossfitters (duh)
            • CT Fletcher
            • Durianrider
            • Freelee the Banana Girl
            • National Pro GRID League competitors
            • Jamie Lewis at Chaos & Pain (archived blog post)
            • Jason Bloho
            • Jeff Seid
            • Kali Muscle
            • Mark Bell
            • Mike Chang
            • Mike O'Hearn
            • Mike Rashid
            • Rich Piana
            • V Shred/Vinsanity
            • Vince Garza

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              What's in your gaming rig?

              My gaming rig, ZER000, as of March 2017:

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                Are you really a lawyer? 

                Yes, I've been one since 2009. No, I'm not telling you where, and no, you'll never find out.

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                What do you use to run your store?

                If you're an up-and-coming YouTuber or just want to run a side business, then consider using the following products and services:

                • Store host: Shopify
                  Requires minimal coding knowledge to customize and is compatible with a lot of plug-ins for added features. Plans start at $29/month, and you can get your custom domain name through Shopify as well.

                • E-mail marketing: MailChimp
                  E-mail generally converts better than social media. I market my goods and services to e-mail subscribers via MailChimp. The free plan is fine for starters, but you'll need one of the paid plans once your e-mail subscriber count exceeds the free plan cap. If you sign up for a paid MailChimp plan through me, then we both get $30 in credit.

                • Shipping service: ShippingEasy
                  Print labels at discounted rates. If you sign up through my affiliate link, then you get one free month of service.

                • Receipts: Conversio
                  I use Conversio's receipts instead of Shopify's because of the customization options, like upselling and unique discount codes. If you sign up for the Premium service through me, we both get $50 Amazon gift cards.

                • Dropshipping: Printful
                  I rely on Printful to produce and ship products that won't fit in my storeroom. Printful products are made-to-order, which reduces profit margins but obviates the need for upfront investment in inventory. I recommend it for store owners who can't or don't want to order inventory in bulk and/or don't want to fulfill their own orders.

                • Shopify plug-ins: Beeketing
                  I use Beeketing's "Personalized Recommendation" app to cross-sell and up-sell. Save 10% on any of Beeketing's Shopify plug-ins by buying them through my affiliate link.

                • Label printer: Dymo 4XL and label refills

                • Storage: Sterilite 66-quart storage box

                • Scale: Dymo Digital Postal Scale P3

                • Tax SoftwareTurbo Tax
                  Use the current version of "Home & Business" if you have a side hustle/business or "Deluxe" if you don't. I've been using Turbo Tax since 2013, when I started making money on YouTube, and it has more than paid for itself through the deductions it finds and peace of mind it offers.

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                  Where did you go to school, and what did you study?

                  • High school: Servite (2002)
                  • University: New York University (2006, BA in Economics and Philosophy)
                  • Law School: American University (2009, JD)

                    On a side note, some of my detractors have tried to belittle my intelligence and work ethic by claiming that I went to a low tier law school. If they bothered to do some research, they'd know that American's law school was 1st tier while I was a student there from 2006 to 2009. Since 2013, it has dropped to the 2nd tier, but a drop in my law school's ranking doesn't pertain to me after I graduated just like a drop in the Chicago Bulls' ranking doesn't pertain to Michael Jordan after he retired.

                    Even if it did, no employer cares about a candidate's law school ranking four years after graduation, only work experience. Nobody stupid enough to overlook these details is capable of holding a job that pays more than minimum wage, let alone my wage. I refuse to dignify this outrageous claim about my education with a video response, so I'm relegating it to my FAQ page.

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                    Do you even lift?

                    That was an incredibly imaginative question. These are my one-rep maxes from years ago, so you can safely assume that I can lift these weights for reps now:

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