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"Deluxe Coaching Package" (Form Checks, Programs, Check-Ins)

$ 249.99

You can achieve your fitness goals through self-study, discipline, and trial-and-error, but this approach has issues:

  1. Fitness experts give generic advice to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. They don't take into account your bad back, lanky arms, etc.

  2. Free resources on the internet often contain inaccuracies or lies.

  3. People tend to overestimate their effort and competence during workouts.

  4. Most lack the time and inclination to digest even a fraction of the information from books, blogs, articles, gym bros, etc.


Looking for the optimal training program like... 


If you want a coaching plan that addresses all of those issues, then the Deluxe Coaching Package is for you. My coaches will eliminate the guesswork and give you personalized and sensible advice for less than the price of a personal trainer at your local gym. The Deluxe Coaching Package is the best value of all the coaching services I provide.


How It Works

step 1

Set Your Goals

Complete the intake form that appears after checkout and clarify any ambiguities with your coach via e-mail.

step 2

Follow Your Coach

Run your program with expert guidance. Your coach will critique up to three lifting sets every week and answer your training questions.

step 3

Test Your Might

Attempt new PRs and/or check your body composition, then repeat the program from the beginning.



Z. Sanchez

Zeke Sanchez

client since 2017

This is by far the best thing I've ever spent money on. It got me excited to be at the gym for every session. Tom was open and extremely helpful in his guidance. I am more confident in my lifts and my form. The program he set for me was easy to understand and follow. In the 8 weeks training with him, I've progressed more than I have in a few years. Aside from that I was able to lose about 15 lbs., and I dropped 2% from fat. I sincerely wish I had done this sooner and just cannot wait to get back to it.

  • Squat +110 lbs.
  • Deadlift +90 lbs.
  • Bench +60 lbs.
  • Standing press +70 lbs.
W. Khan

Wajahat Khan

leaned out for his wedding

I had just come off a very long cut where I had gone from over 25% to about 11% body fat, however my strength had completely dipped. I’ve had a long history of injuries over the years and wanted to perfect my form and regain my strength after my cut, so I enlisted the help of the Traplord himself.

Elgin set up a strength and nutrition plan tailored to me. We focused mostly on correcting years of poor form. His cues were very simple but extremely effective. I also learned that my nutrition was off, and I needed to eat more calories just to maintain. His years of training and nutrition knowledge have lead to me to constantly improving my form and experiencing some hypertrophy. I’m getting stronger, leaner, and more vascular, yet somehow get to eat more food than ever. It feels like a life hack. I couldn’t recommend his services enough and definitely will be hiring for future programming.



Can I sign up for the Deluxe Coaching Package if I play a sport?

Yes, your coach will program your PUG to accommodate the sport-specific training you do. To get the most bang for your buck, refrain from signing up for this package if your sport-specific training is both mandatory and moronic, as it will sabotage your strength coach's efforts.

What does the e-mail support entail?

You can e-mail your coach any questions and concerns you have about your training (e.g., weight selection, fatigue management, exercise substitution). Ask as many pertinent strength training questions as you want; my coaches and friends, Len and Tom, handle most of the Deluxe Coaching clients, and I can tell you without question that they have no lives.

What happens if I get sick, injured, or otherwise sidetracked?

Shit happens, and it's likely more important than lifting weights. Tell your coach about your layoff so he can suspend his services. If and when you resume training, you're entitled to however many weeks of coaching remain in your Deluxe Coaching Package. For example, if you have to take a break at the end of the fifth week, then you'll have three weeks of coaching when you resume.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, I offer an installment plan for the Deluxe Coaching Package: 20% down and a 5.2% transaction fee with the remainder in two equal monthly payments. Click the blue button above to sign up for the installment plan.