Over the years, many of my viewers and customers have come to value my opinion enough to inquire about my favorite goods and services, fitness-related or not, so I listed them below. You can show your support by purchasing anything through the following affiliate links.


Last updated on September 1, 2022.



Items on Amazon

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My Favorites

Visit my Kit page to purchase my curated products from Amazon grouped into kits: entry-level watches, shoe care products, gym bag essentials, wet shaving products, and more. 


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Your Favorites

If you aren't interested in my picks but want to support my brand, then you can buy whatever you want through my Associates link. You'll pay Amazon's usual prices, but I'll get a commission whenever you shop there.


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Cash Back Rewards​ Programs

The following rewards stack, so consider signing up for both programs.

sign up for a Chase card

I make personal purchases on one credit card and IE-related purchases on another to identify tax deductions more easily. This card offers generous rewards: 5% on specific categories, 1% on all others, and no annual fee.


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sign up for Rakuten

Get cash back when you shop online at many of the stores you probably visit anyway. You can download the app or the browser plugin, each of which will tell you what cashback rewards are available for the online store you're browsing.


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Cloud Storage

I use two Dropbox accounts to back up my important work and personal files online.

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Sign up for Dropbox to store your work-related files, using your business e-mail address.


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sign up for Dropbox (2)

Sign up for Dropbox to store your personal files, using your personal e-mail address.


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shop at Drop93

Drop93 is the best place to buy luxury clothing at a discount. The Armoury, one of my favorite menswear stores, owns the site and ensures that every item is authentic and in excellent condition.


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Spier & Mackay makes affordable dress shirts with the same features as more expensive ones, like mother of pearl buttons, matched patterns at the seams, and split yokes for more range of motion. Use referral code UT23YH.


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