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I've partnered with the powerlifters who advise me on my own strength programming to work with as many clients as possible without sacrificing service quality. Meet the team that will help you turn your mush into muscle.


Tom Mannion

Tom Mannion

Tom has been a PT and strength coach for over 10 years, first qualifying through the UK's Premier Global in 2007. He enjoys shooting pool and devouring sushi by the boatload.

  • WPC Submasters world record holder (181 class)
  • Strongman deadlift world record: 710 lbs. (322kg) at 175 lbs. (79.6kg)


Elgin Mones, Esq.

Elgin Mones, Esq.

You already know who I am. I often coach professionals who struggle to balance work and gains as well as fans who want to say that their spreadsheet came from a computer that I touched. When I'm not tapdancing on YouTube's community guidelines, I'm planning my next tailored suit or watching battle rap.


Len Silvia

Leonard Silvia

Len is a self-taught 198-lb. lifter and former 150-lb. twink. His pastimes are playing FPS games, designing GTA mods, and impersonating the Cousins from Breaking Bad.

  • 1st: 2015 RPS CT State Championships
  • 2nd: 2015 CT Battleground (Push/Pull)
  • 1st: 2017 CT States 198 Raw Classic



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