Watch me address the Bentley of pre-workouts, Machine Gun Kelly shooting himself in the leg, the results of a fitness guru's own somatotype training, and more.



I've discussed tailoring for muscular physiques before but focused on the topic of tapered pants in this video. Someone with an athletic build should get pleated pants that are tapered from the knee. The pleats give the thighs more room, and the taper from the knee gives the calves a more streamlined look. My calves are 42cm at their widest part, so I get my pant legs tapered from the knee to a 43cm leg opening. Any reputable dry cleaner can taper your pants for you.

grey wool flannel Stoffa trousersAlterations, however, can only fix so much. The better but more expensive option is to get pants made-to-measure. This way, your pants are tailored to your shape, not just your size. My favorite company that makes MTM pants is Stoffa. Pictured is a pair of anthracite wool flannel pants that I wear in the winter and on colder autumn days.

To get MTM pants, you have to go to a trunk show, during which a tailor will take your measurements, help you select fabrics, and note the features you want (e.g., cuffs, pocket style). A trunk show appointment takes about an hour, and the pants take at least one month to make, but pants that fit properly are worth the money and time.

I didn't realize until I started working on the video that my Q&A thread didn't cross-post to Facebook, so there are no Facebook questions in it. You'd think I'd have mastered the art of posting to Facebook about 300,000 subscribers ago, but you'd be wrong.