Write for Infinite Elgintensity

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After roasting ego lifters and fitness gurus on YouTube for the better part of a decade, I'm expanding my brand to online print. To this end, I need columnists to report fitness industry news and write nutrition and exercise articles for my blog. 


Article Requirements

  1. Enticing, but not misleading, title
  2. Between 600 and 800 words, organized under sub-headers
  3. Similar style and tone as my YouTube content
  4. Footnote citations to credible sources
  5. Relevant images and/or videos


Sample Topics

If it's a topic I've addressed on YouTube, then it's probably fair game for my blog.

  • Crossfitters and YouTube fitness personalities acting like morons
  • Health and fitness quackery
  • Supplements and exercise products 
  • Current events pertaining to fitness topics (e.g. fat acceptance, transgender athletes)



I don't pay for articles unless I've heard of you. For about two years, I made dozens of videos for free. I didn't get paid until my content got millions of views, and neither will you. Here's what you'll get:

  1. Access to my hundreds of thousands of store visitors and online followers
  2. A shining academic or professional recommendation
  3. An article backlink to your website or social media account


How to Apply

Submit a Dropbox or Google Docs link to your article through my contact form. If you are uninteresting or otherwise write like shit, then you won't hear from me; otherwise, I'll reply to you within 1-2 business days.