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My Interview with Starter Story

Posted on April 24 2020

I've recently been featured on Starter Story, a blog full of interviews with successful business startup founders. Most of my media coverage these days is in the form of reposts on meme pages, so this interview was a breath of fresh air. I haven't made a Q&A video in a while, but this is just as informative.


Of the different parts of my business, I primarily discussed my apparel store. Read the interview to learn my store's origins, rookie mistakes, day-to-day-operations, plans for the future, and more:


I've already notified the editor of the "a 8k" mistake in the title. I appreciate articles, but not misused ones. Also, the $8,378.37 monthly figure is a reference to a 2017 meme that I popularized, but it's not far off.

Starter Story of Infinite Elgintensity Gym Apparel