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Exercises in Futility - CrossFit is the WORST Self-Defense Program (Pt. 2)

Posted on July 20 2018

Since its inception, CrossFit has bastardized athletic training systems and repackaged them for sale to imbeciles. Foremost among these systems are the martial arts. In this CrossFit Self-Defense course video, an instructor with no military or combat experience deems working out to be a suitable substitute for martial arts training by likening the execution of various attacks to the performance of common exercises.

In part 1 of my CrossFit Self-Defense roast series (which is also picture-in-picture style to avoid content ID issues), I referred repeatedly to the teachings of bona fide self-defense expert, Bas Rutten. The subject matter expert I cited in part 2 was UFC Welterweight Champion and UFC 16 Welterweight Tournament Winner, Pat Miletich, who left a critical comment about this farcical course on CrossFit's Facebook page.