Lifting Form Check

Lifting Form Check

$ 24.99

Have you ever watched an episode of "Gym Idiots" and wondered whether you look as ridiculous as the ego lifters and newbies in the video? After just one round of my Form Check service, you can stop worrying.


Your coach will analyze your lifting footage and give detailed form adjustments and weak point training suggestions. This is far better than getting free pointers on the internet for several reasons:

  • My coaches are accomplished competitive lifters, not anonymous armchair experts in a forum or group.
  • You receive a clear solution, not a bunch of conflicting suggestions to reconcile.
  • Forums and groups are often just "hug boxes" where criticism is frowned upon. My coaches give the brutal critique of "Gym Idiots" with none of the humiliation.


  1. Add this to your shopping cart along with any other items you might have. Payment for the form check is non-refundable.
  2. If you haven't already, record footage of up to 3 sets of any combination of bench, squat, and deadlift variations. Within 1 business day of viewing the footage, your coach will send his critique via e-mail. 

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