Custom Strength Program

Custom Strength Program (8 Weeks)

$ 99.99

Generalized programs are not ideal. They don't take into account a host of training variables, such as injuries, equipment availability, and time constraints. Most people follow such programs because they don't mind sacrificing effectiveness for convenience. With the "Plan for Ultimate Gains" (or PUG), there's no reason to settle for less.


The PUG is a custom 8-week program that revolves around compound movements, especially the powerlifts. It will help you build muscle mass, set PRs, and/or lose body fat (assuming you don't have the genetics and appetite of an actual pug). The PUG is far more effective than a cookie-cutter program because it's tailored to your training history and circumstances.


  1. Add this to your shopping cart along with any other items you might have. Payment for the strength program is non-refundable.
  2. Complete the questionnaire that you receive via e-mail. In the questionnaire, you'll be able to give your coach preference, if any.
  3. Upon receiving your questionnaire, your coach will e-mail your PUG within 4 to 7 business days.

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