I present for your binge watching pleasure every Infinite Elgintensity™ video series. This eclectic body of work not only reveals my artistic interests, but dispels the ignorant rebuke that I'm a one-trick pony. If you like the content, then subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell icon to know when new videos go up. 

Gym Idiots

In this series, I roast ego lifters and weirdos in the gym. Video clips are generally fan-submitted and sometimes fan-recorded. If you conduct yourself in the gym like anybody in these videos, then you should sign up for my online coaching services or live in fear of public shaming.

Exercises in Futility

This series, in which I roast fitness gurus and/or fitness fads, propelled my YouTube channel into stardom in 2014 when CrossFit HQ tried to censor me by copyright flagging every episode. To protect my primary channel from further abuse of YouTube's copyright and content ID system, I offloaded some episodes to a backup channel and occasionally changed the episode format. My trap nicknames, "ZERO" chant, and various catchphrases originated with this series, so it holds a special place in my cold, black heart.



Reading Mean Comments

This series illustrates why I earn money to talk trash on the internet, while everyone else has to do it for free. Here, I roast my trolls, but hide their identities to spare them from the wrath of my viewers and deny them the attention they crave. Watching me humiliate my hecklers is like watching a supercomputer play chess against a flock of chickens.

Informative Videos

To improve viewer interaction, I take their questions on my social media accounts and answer them in a video at least once a month. Depending on what enters my inbox or mailbox, I occasionally review strength programs and supplements. Because the world outside of the fitness community is full of idiocy, I also analyze major YouTube developments and cover current events.

Strength Training Footage

My powerlifting workouts not only demonstrate proper exercise form, but instantly shut down any attempts to disparage my physique and/or strength.

On a side note, the imbeciles who make such attempts are all anonymous and never have any lifting footage of their own, which suggests that they are compensating for how weak and unimpressive they are. That is called "psychological projection." 


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