I present for your binge watching pleasure: playlists for every Infinite Elgintensity video series. If you like the content, then subscribe to my YouTube channel to know when new videos go up.

Gym Idiots

In this series, I roast ego lifters and weirdos in the gym. Video clips are generally fan-submitted and sometimes fan-recorded.

Exercises in Futility

I built my YouTube channel upon this episodic satire in which I roast fitness gurus and/or fitness fads. This series has gotten my channel shut down twice, so it has undergone format changes to adapt to YouTube's evolving copyright and content ID system policies.

new format (picture-in-picture, occasionally voiceover)

old format (voiceover)

Reading Mean Comments

This series is the natural result of the offense that people have taken to my videos. Here, I roast my trolls, hiding their identities to protect them from the wrath of my viewers and deny them the attention they crave.


To improve engagement with my fans, I answer their questions on camera. I occasionally review products and weigh in on YouTube fiascoes as well.

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