In 2012, an attorney and powerlifter added his voice-over commentary to videos of incompetent exercise and nutrition gurus to vent his frustration with the fitness industry. This series, which he posted on YouTube as "Infinite Elgintensity™" and called "Exercises in Futility," gained recognition in 2013 when respected strength coaches and YouTube content creators shared it on social media.

Please pardon Infinite's Elgin Tent City.

In the first quarter of 2014, the Infinite Elgintensity™ channel gained over 30,000 subscribers before it shut down due to copyright claims by CrossFit, Elgintensity's most popular target. The channel shutdown prompted a response from Strength Camp, one of the largest fitness channels on YouTube, and made the front page of RedditDailydot, and Outside.

Was it something I said?

Elgintensity immediately created a new channel that, thanks to the publicity surrounding the previous channel's shutdown, gained tens of thousands of subscribers in about a month. To avoid further copyright issues, Elgintensity moved "Exercises in Futility" to a Dailymotion channel (mirrored on his blog). Months later, "Deadlifts from the Washed Up Loser Olympics," an episode of "Exercises in Futility" dedicated to the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games, went viral and is his most-viewed video to date.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

In 2015, "Exercises in Futility" returned to YouTube with a critical format change: Elgintensity gave commentary on camera, turning the show to a reaction-style roast. Doing so prevented content ID matches and ensured that copyright claims would be resolved in Elgintensity's favor, as reaction videos are widely-accepted examples of fair use. With Elgintensity's most popular series back where it started and relatively safe from censorship, channel growth skyrocketed.

After a year-long absence from YouTube, "Exercises in Futility" still draws crowds.

achievement unlocked on April 7, 2016

Running a trolling channel has, naturally, caused adversity for Elgintensity. He couldn't have prevailed over it without the fans who continuously support him, the detractors who unwittingly promote him, and the morons who repeatedly inspire him.

Resistance is an exercise in futility.


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