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Gym Idiots Academy (Form Checks)

don't lift like this guy
the kind of coach who gives lifting advice for free

Have you ever watched an episode of "Gym Idiots" and wondered whether you look as ridiculous as the ego lifters and newbies in the video? After just one "Gym Idiots Academy" lifting form check, you can stop worrying.


Why This Beats Free Advice Online

  1. Internet forums and groups are full of conflicting suggestions to reconcile on your own. You'll be even more confused than before.

  2. The fitness community is a giant circle-jerk, so many people won't tell you how bad your lifting form really is. With us, you get the harsh criticism of "Gym Idiots" and none of the humiliation.

  3. Only armchair experts talk about lifting all day on the internet. My coaches are accomplished competitive lifters, not cowboy-hat-wearing butterballs with YouTube fitness channels.




I. Fisker Ittukusuk Fisker (25, Greenland) on the Lifting Form Check:

"My squat progress stalled, but I couldn't see anything wrong with my form when I recorded my sets. I signed up for Elgin's form check service to get to the bottom of things. My coach, Len, pointed out several mistakes that I completely missed and gave me cues to remember and accessory exercises to try. My squat numbers have improved, and I'm now considering a custom program due to the quality of the form check service."



If you're satisfied with the results of your coaching service, please let the world know on social media with a progress pic or lifting video along with the hashtag #InfiniteElgintensity.


How It Works


1. Send your coach footage of up to three lifting sets (any combo of bench, squat, or deadlift).

e-mail follow-up

2. You'll receive an e-mail with detailed lifting form critiques and weak point training advice in 1-2 business days.

weak point training

3. Implement your coach's changes and send one e-mail follow-up to ensure that you're doing everything right.



Is my lifting footage going to end up on "Gym Idiots?"

No, this isn't an elaborate scheme to gather content for a gym fail montage. Any lifting video(s) you send will be for your coach's eyes only and deleted as soon as services have been rendered. There are so many gym idiots out there that it makes no sense for me to shit where I eat.

Can you check if my lifts meet the standards of my powerlifting federation?

Len and Tom are competitive raw powerlifters, so one of them will make sure your lifts conform to the rules of the federation of your choice. None of us follows equipped powerlifting, but those meets don't really any have standards.

Can I use my pre-existing lifting footage, or do I have to record my lifts again?

If you recorded high resolution videos of your lifts from clear vantage points, then you can link your coach to them. If it looks like you recorded your lifts with a fidget spinner, then you'll have to record them again. The better the footage, the more help your coach can provide.

What do I tell my coach besides "my form sucks?"

You don't even have to tell your coach that; he'll be able to tell. Mention your training history, nagging injuries, whether you learned to lift from a crossfitter, and anything else that you deem relevant for the consultation.

What does the follow-up e-mail entail?

The follow-up e-mail allows you to ask your coach about any issues that arise after your consultation. You only get one e-mail, so make it count. The follow-up is not another form check, so don't link your coach to updated videos. Wait a week or two before e-mailing your coach so you have time to implement the changes he recommended, but don't wait so long that your coach forgets all about you. If you don't reach out, then your coach and I will assume you're breaking world records somewhere; in that case, please tag @elgintensity in your award ceremony video so I can bask in your glory.


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