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Gym Idiots Academy (Form Checks)

Gym Idiots Academy


$24.99 for three lifting form critiques


Have you ever watched an episode of "Gym Idiots" and wondered whether you look as ridiculous as the ego lifters and newbies in the video? After just one "Gym Idiots Academy" lifting form check, you can stop worrying.


Why This Beats Free Advice Online

  • Internet forums and groups are full of conflicting suggestions to reconcile on your own. Plus, only armchair experts talk about lifting all day on the internet.
  • My coaches are accomplished competitive lifters, not cowboy-hat-wearing butterballs with YouTube fitness channels.

 don't lift like this guyBehold: the kind of coach who gives lifting advice for free.


What You Get

  • Detailed form adjustments for up to 3 sets of any combination of bench, squat, or deadlift variation
  • Weak point training suggestions to implement into your program
  • The brutal critique of "Gym Idiots" with none of the humiliation


I. Fisker Ittukusuk Fisker (25, Greenland) on the Lifting Form Check:

"My squat progress stalled, but I couldn't see anything wrong with my form when I recorded my sets. I signed up for Elgin's form check service to get to the bottom of things. My coach, Len, pointed out several mistakes that I completely missed and gave me cues to remember and accessory exercises to try. My squat numbers have improved, and I'm now considering a custom program due to the quality of the form check service."



If you're satisfied with the results of your coaching service, please let the world know on social media with #InfiniteElgintensity.


    How to Proceed

    1. Click the "Pay Now" button below to make your non-refundable payment of $24.99 through PayPal. Any apparel purchases must be done separately through this store's regular checkout process.

    2. If you haven't already, record footage of up to 3 sets of any combination of bench, squat, and deadlift variations and upload it to YouTube as "unlisted"
    3. Within 1 business day of viewing the footage, your coach will send his critique via e-mail.