Anybody who is familiar with my videos knows that I'm highly critical of everything. In the rare occasion that I actually support something, you should pay attention. The following affiliate products receive the Infinite Elgintensity™ stamp of approval and, where indicated, come with generous discounts.

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MyProtein has offered high-quality supplements at affordable prices for over 11 years. It's the #1 sports nutrition company in Europe and is a viable contender for that spot in the US.

These are the only supplements I take: 

  1. vitamin D3 to improve immune health, bone health, and mood (more info)
  2. creatine monohydrate to increase ATP/energy during sets (more info)
  3. whey protein to help hit protein macros and, ultimately, repair muscle (more info)

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vitamin D3 at MyProtein 
creatine at MyProtein
whey protein powder at MyProtein

    buy Examine's supplement guides 


    Examine is the only place where you should get your supplement information. I made my supplement recommendations above based on Examine's supplement guides, which are based on extensive and unbiased research. Choose the guide that's right for you:

    1. for the health conscious
      Stack Guides
      are step-by-step instructions for combining supplements to achieve various health and fitness goals, from increased muscle to reduced body fat.

    2. for enthusiasts
      Supplement Goals Reference Guide
      explains which supplements are worthless, which are unsupported but harmless, and which are must-haves.


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