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"Infinite Elgintensity" Gaming Mouse Pad

$ 9.99

Take this mouse pad into online battle, and internet warriors won't stand a chance.





Anti-slip rubber base and responsive tracking cloth for accurate targeting



Spacious and smooth surface accommodates quick hand movements



Washable fabric top with anti-fraying stitched border for extended use



Taut and slick weave feels great while gaming and shitposting


Pro Gamer Approved



Professional Starcraft II Player, 2019 WCS Spring Runner-Up

"I play Starcraft at least 10 hours a day to prepare for tournaments. The IE mouse pad is comfortable and durable enough for long practice sessions and tracks accurately so I don't lose games because of misclicks."



Infinite Elgintensity Mouse Pad

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  • 14" (L) x 10" (W) x 0.16" (H)
  • 355mm (L) x 254mm (W) x 3mm (H)



How do I clean this mouse pad?

Every week or so, rub the cloth surface with a damp cloth or sanitizing wipe to remove the salty tears and Doritos dust.

Every few months, deep clean the mouse pad:

  1. Soak the mouse pad in warm water
  2. Pour a dime-size amount of laundry detergent on the surface of the mouse pad and gently scrub it with a wet sponge
  3. Rinse the mouse pad with cold water
  4. Pat dry the mouse pad, then air dry it on a flat surface overnight


What gaming mouse pad is this comparable to?

The cloth surface is similar to that of the Razer Goliathus Speed Edition, which I used for over a decade.


Is this mouse pad good for fast-paced games?

Yes, it's especially suited for shooters and real-time strategy games. I've played Insurgency and Starcraft 2 for hundreds of hours on this mouse pad without issues.